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Christmas Party Venue Dublin 1 Heading

Office Christmas Party Venue in Heart of Dublin 1

Talk to Trevor and Tom about your budget and your requirements direct by phoning on 01 879 7888 or emailing today. 


Our Christmas 2019 Set Menus

The Old Music Shop Restaurant has two menus for your Christmas Party this year in Dublin. 

Christmas Dinner Set Menu Click Button
€32 per person 

Where to host my Office Christmas Party in Dublin City Centre?

The Old Music Shop Restaurant and the Castle Vaults Bar and Restaurant are the perfect venue in Dublin to host your Christmas Party in Dublin City Centre.
We can help your company, business, social group, organisation or charity celebrate their Christmas festive season with a Christmas Party Lunch or Christmas Party Dinner in our spacious restaurants and private dining rooms. The Old Music Shop Restaurant can host large or small parties and groups. 

What time are you serving Christmas lunch? 

The Old Music Shop Restaurant is serving Christmas Set Lunch between 12 to 4pm to groups of 5 or more. Christmas Dinner is served from 6:30pm. 

Need some Christmas Party Game Ideas? 

There are so many ways to inject some fun into the Office Christmas Party with various games. 
For years in Dublin, office co-workers have been doing Kris Kindle or Secret Santa but have you heard of White Elephant Party Game (Dirty Santa)? It's not your typical gift exchange game because anyone could go home with the gift you bring!  



Christmas Party White Elephant Game at the Old Music Shop Restaurant Dublin Source RawPixel

White Elephant Christmas Party Game 

  • Everyone in the party brings a wrapped gift and these are place on a table for all to see. 
    It's got to be suitable for all guests and usually the group will agree a couple of guidelines like the max Euros to be spent on the gift. Sometimes there is a theme - eighties. 
  • First person gets to choose any white elephant gift and open it. They must let everyone see this gift.  
  • Person to their left, can either choose another gift or STEAL the first persons gift! 
  • If you steal another player's gift, that person gets to steal a gift from one of the other players. However, they aren't obliged to. 
  • Okay so after two swaps, it's on to the next players turn. Yes there could be tears, but we hope there will be laughter!
  • The game should go full circle, arriving back at the first player who has the option of stealing, only if there are no new gifts on the table. 
  • The game comes to an end and you'll be 'stuck' with your gift when someone says they're happy with theirs and aren't going to try for another. 
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